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4 Mar

2010 Quincy Area Blues Fest Canceled

Please Note: We are not hosting a 2010 Quincy Area Blues Fest, see this post for full details…

We would like to send out a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of the Sponsors, Volunteers, and of course THE FANS who have supported us over the many years.

There had been a annual Blues Fest in Washington Park for 16 years, under the leadership of several promoters, and the Blues Society had solely produced the event since 2000…

Many great things have happened due to the Fest over the years, including a wedding one year. The couple had met at our Fest, and when they married-they did it backstage, during one of the Bands performances. It was a low key event, and most folks didn’t even know about it, until we announced that we had a wedding ceremony afterward. There was also a relocation due to the festival–where a out-of-stater came to the fest, decided to move to Quincy, and bought a house here the next week, and has been here ever since. And our farthest visitor came from Japan-he had business in Chicago on the upcoming Monday, and wanted to come to a Blues Fest before the meeting, and he joined us for the weekend, and had a great time!  And our farthest performer–was from Australia–do you remember who that was?


For more info, please call Society President Linda Gertz at (217) 440-3393 or Contact Us (I’ll do my best to help you!)

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Thank you for all of your support over the years!